Final Reflection

Dear Brad,

I started out this module having a mindset that there is nothing much to learn for communication. Through this three months worth of communication classes, I realise that there are many areas that I can learn and adopt.

My greatest learning outcome came from the project. It allowed me to understand the problems in the hospitality industry especially workplace bullying that my team had understudied. It was after much research that we realise the severity of the situation in Singapore. Singapore is known for its safe environment. However, such incidents are happening in the present society and in the hospitality industry. The only way to stop these workplace bullying is from within. We, ourselves, have to be vigilant and make sure that our safety is not at risk. Furthermore, Singapore government provides various channels to extend their help in that area. The project was definitely fun as we got to use our creativity in producing a video to convey the message across to industry players.

At the start of the course, we were told to write our weaknesses of communication. I realised that I am not a good listener. At times, I tend to talk more than listen. Active listening is definitely an important skill in communication. I had the greatest impression of the class activity that we were supposed to share our experiences with the listener while facing the wall and provide solutions to their problems. From that exercise, I realise the art of active listening is that we have to focus on the person communicating and do not have to agree but follow through what he/she is saying. We could register what they are saying by asking questions to reconfirm that the correct message is conveyed. We also have to show interest using our body language. Without being able to see the body language of each other while facing the wall made communication harder.

All in all, this module allowed me to further understand communication, verbal and non-verbal. I believe that these skills will aid me in my future career in the hospitality industry where communication is a significant skill to have. Huge thanks to my professor, Brad, for imparting this knowledge and my classmates for spicing up this course and making it more enjoyable than it seems.

Joey Lee


One comment

  1. Brad · April 9, 2017

    Dear Joey,

    Thank you for this detailed, heartfelt reflection on the CPDII module. I’m glad you found it to be useful in so many ways, even after your initial skepticism. It warms my heart that, in particular, you feel you gained so much from the fine project work you and your teammates did and that the unit on active listening was something you felt helpful. I do hope you can transfer some of the skills and know-how learned or polished in CPDII to your future study and the workplace.

    I also appreciate your various contributions to the class during the term, Joey. You always brought such a bright smile and plus charge to the activities assigned to you.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!



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